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Funny Baby Girl Macklemore Thrift Shop Music Video Thank you MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS WANZ for this great song.

Baby Knox can now walk, and this puts him in loads of trouble. One of his favorite things to do is push buttons that light up or make noise. And wouldn’t you know it? The DVD-R box is right at his height. So much to Alecia’s dismay, Knox will turn off the DVD-R and it will stop recording her favorites shows that are set aside for her “mommy time”. How do you win in this situation? Today Alecia explains what she has experienced, so Knox doesn’t have to feel punished for wanting to push the button, and Alecia doesn’t lose any of her shows! (Like Gossip Girl) Subscribe Here: Check out Alecia’s book: “The Queen of Kentucky” Great Ideas for Baby Names: htttp:// mommy happiness: mh advice channel: mh health channel: mh career channel: mh family channel: mh humor channel: Subscribe Here: The Baby Book is a twice weekly advice vlog hosted by Alecia Whitaker. Alecia, author of “”Queen of Kentucky”", will share her story on everything from thinking about having a child to the terrible two (or threes!). If you have child raising topic you’d like Alecia to talk about please let it in the comments below! TAGS: win “win win” buttons push situation “the situation” funny “funny baby” “hey Baby” baby book “baby book” parenting parents babies “parenting advice” advice “family planning” family planning Alecia Whitaker

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*Story over here* Recap: Sarah walked home up to her room to hear moaning and she walked in. Sarah- OH MY GOD! So who was in there and what was that perosn doing!? —————- Sarah- What the-*opens door* OH MY GOD!!! ??? & ???- *stop what they are doing* You could knock!! Sarah- Well, excuse me this is my ro-wait, KENDAL? NICK? Nick- Sarah!? Sarah- Uh, yeah! *disgusted* *thinking* Oh my god! He was having sex in MY room!!!! EWWWWWWW!!! Oh my god, they we’re right! Everyone they were right! *runs out* Nick- *puts his clothes back on and runs after Sarah* Sarah wait! *thinking* Wait, why am I running after her!? I can’t stop running though why!? Sarah- *stops and turns around* What!? Nick- Come on, baby! Don’t be like that! You just jealous that wasn’t you. Sarah- 2 things, First, ewwwwww!!!! Second, what is wrong with you!? Nick- What do you mean, baby? I am fine. Sarah- Stop calling me baby, perv. They were right, everyone, they were right! You have changed. And yet i stood up for you saying a sweet, innocent, perfect guy could never change, but boy was I wrong. And I wasted 4 years of my life while you were gone, waiting for you. Oh, and thanks for sleeping through the song I wrote for YOU! *slaps him* *runs up to her room* Kendal out now!! Kendal- But, Sarah. I’m sorry. Sarah- I don’t care, you need to apologize to my brother Brian! Kendal- Whatever. Sarah- *glares at her* If you don’t I will. Kendal- *getting in Sarah’s face* You wouldn’t dare! Sarah- *gets in

4 da king funny baby

I suck up daddy ghost mommy ghost and the big FAT mean baby ghost with my polorgust 3000 and get the key to area 2

Cute Latvian BABY watching “Es skrienu” music video and dancing! :)

Groupe : Optimus Rhyme Album : (self-titled) Titre : JZ75 Piste : 13 Année : 2004 Lyrics : Hey, look at me I’m an MC (Bling bling!) I make enough money to be in Forbes magazine But it still keep it mean baby, (Grrrr) See? Rap about two things guns and heat And semiautomatics I’m dramatically emphatic About my dick size and thick thighs, I’m an addict Champagne (pop) that cork in the bubble bath And you spiritual cats are so whack it makes me laugh like (Ha) ha-ha (ha) ha-ha (ha) ha-ha (ha) ha-ha (ha) ha-ha, hey wooo (Ha) ha-ha (ha) ha-ha (ha) ha-ha (ha) ha-ha (ha) ha-ha, hey wooo Hi, here is the eminent hip hop Take an Impala and bubble gum pop Add a little Cristal to the compound Doo rag Timbaland boots and you got it down You’re underground make a note that the sound dope You’ll need that ice on a rope, black louts, and a fur coat Matching wrist bands on the hands to go With the color on the kangol, tally ho Front like a rockstar Push cars like a Benz or a jaguar By far the best dressed on the scene An MC on the cover of seventeen Once real but now you got a pop feel Eating veal at five course meals No longer reel to reel And all you gotta do is sell out wow what a great deal Now it’s time for me to do Prove myself back with another crew Hit so many speakers man this bitch is new Been to every state I might have fucked there too Now you tell me what the hell ya gonna do? Wash down lyrics drinking Northwest brew Even when I’m fucked up I never miss a cue Challenge any

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