Funny Cheerleading Blooper

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Good stunt gone bad.


108lozza says:

thats not funny.

donepearce says:

What exactly are they for? Apart from being whores to service the team, of course?

R0ccojas0n says:

Ur not supposed to catch her with ur head

xocheercutie12 says:

the flyer literally just collapsed!

singinggrl123 says:

Excuse you. I’m a cheerleader and I LOVE it. We help pump up the crowd. And I am DEFINATELY not a damn whore.

donepearce says:

If the sport were even slightly interesting the crowd wouldn’t need pumping up (your choice of word, I fear). And it is clear that your education is suffering, or you would have been able to spell definitely. No need to emphasize your inadequacies with capital letters, by the way.

singinggrl123 says:

It depends on what sport it is. Either way I probably play that one, too. And oh well I’m not perfect so stop trying to act perfect. I can do and say what ever the hell I want without your input. Thank you. Have a nice fucking day.

donepearce says:

See what I mean? All about sex for you isn’t it? Yet you try to deny. Oh well. You may, of course do whatever you please without my input. When did I suggest otherwise? And of course the adverbial form of perfect is perfectly. The old “suffering education” again, I presume. Anyway, thank you for your good wishes regarding my day and may I reciprocate them back to you. Have a good one (mine without the sarcasm).

singinggrl123 says:

uhhhh I’m 13 and didn’t understand almost one word in that. Yes, I’m stupid and no I really don’t pay attention in classes but I still manage to keep my grades at an A-B honor roll. Why would it be about sex for me? I’M 13 anda virgin. Believe what you want but it’s the truth.

donepearce says:

I was referring to the final sentence of your comment where you wished me a nice f*cking day. If that isn’t about sex, what is it? Anyway, that whole thing should be perfectly comprehensible to a moderately literate 13 year old, let alone an A-B honor roll student (although I admit I have no idea what that entails). As for your virginity, that is your business and entirely private; you have no need to tell me about it.

singinggrl123 says:

It’s just a random cuss word in the middle of my sentence because I was pissed off. Yeah…I bet none of my friends could understand that even the high schoolers. We don’t pay attention these days! And you’re the one calling all cheerleaders whores. Get your facts straight before you call us whores.

donepearce says:

It’s in the job description. Fact is you are too young to have found out about that part yet - but you will. And maybe it is time to start paying attention. Cheerleader isn’t a job for life, I’m afraid.

singinggrl123 says:

If you say so…and I know. I do like 15 sports at once. So…I think I’ll be fine

donepearce says:

I hope so – I mean that. And watch out in a couple of years because the pressure will start. The team will be drunk… the rest is not a pretty story, but it has been repeated thousands of times across your country. Strangely the local newspapers don’t like to carry it.

singinggrl123 says:

Thanks for the advice:)
And yes I mean it.

Desmarie12 says:

@donepearce im a cheerleader and its an amazing sport. if you wanna go and be an a-hole somewhere else than thats fine. if u dont, then at least stop being one here. quit talking to gurls about their virginity like some nasty pervert and get on with your life. i hate people like you-.-

SwaggerUnknown says:

@donepearce you obviously have no life. Judging a thirteen year old….really? Learn a little more about cheerleaders than what you have been reading in your book of bull crap.

Marina Munoz says:

that should hurt!

Katelin Dedeo says:


bestiezlol98 says:

guys, have a sense of humor. seriously.

aDdXY0UrXiDeaXGiirL says:

It’s really not that funny to me

kmbiscool says:

the first comment is sick

peacelove2058 says:

That wasn

peacelove2058 says:

So cool it was more stupid

tweeetme says:

She wants a big red one.

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