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ilovemyfunnycats channel is about my two cats,Joey and Sandy,record their life, updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday,also,I collect some other lovely c…

The crazy dog Is called – saffee willow gibbons .

Here’s some older Ellen stand-up.

CARJAM TV – Subscribe Here Now Like Us Now On Facebook: For The World’s Best Car Videos W…

CeeJay Dai Dai Homecoming PreShow for Arsenal Technical High School.

this is at one of my friends bday partys!!! and my best friend was viode taping its really funny in slowmo thoguh?!

My friend and I play basketball so we decided to make a video hop you like it.

I found hair extension at the mall that matched my girlfriends hair perfectly. So I had to pretend to cut her hair. Shout out to Alli Speed of CTFxC for the …

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