Wanderlei Silva Vs Adrian Serrano 1/20/1999

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Wanderlei Silva was born in Curitiba, Brazil, on July 3, 1976. Silva earned the nickname “The Axe Murderer” for his extremely aggressive style; the majority of his fights have either ended in a knockout or referee stoppage due to his strikes. In the ring, he is known for engaging opponents with punches and utilizing knees in the Muay Thai clinch. He is also known for kicking and stomping downed opponents as well as his looping punches, which are unique amongst the straight punching styles of many MMA’ers. Silva’s nickname in Brazil is “Cachorro Louco”, which translates to “Crazy Dog”, again due to his aggressive fighting style, but also because of the vicious way he stares down opponents just before the beginning of his fights.


Lovegear says:

I think Wanderleis losses made him a bit tenative. The man used to roll through everything, and a man like that does get a bit shaken when things don’t go the old ways anymore. I think he needs to build up his confidence, and he is doing it right now I think. Give him Leben!

boogynights says:

Glory days of Vale tudo, the toughest mix fight in the world once.

georgiadawgsfan69 says:

Leben called him out last night at ufc 116, so my guess is that Dana will give you your wish and set that up ASAP. Wanderlei will crush Leben.

AudienceKiller66 says:

yeah, leben won’t last 2 minutes. Not just cause he is extremely poorly conditioned but cause he won’t be able to walk through the hands of wandy.

Lovegear says:

hahahaha, thats gonna be nice. If this happens, its gonna be a good fight.

FatDroBlunt says:

They didnt spell his name right. Its Wanderlei not Vanderlei

CKendlesspain222 says:

Fuck, bare knuckles is awesome!

eyehatepoker says:

Serrano was scared…

TruNikkaz says:

not quite, we just got that mf

why show disrespect to america? i’m american and i respect brazil like no other

pearcemark2 says:

@georgiadawgsfan69 @AudienceKiller66 Nice predictions.

georgiadawgsfan69 says:

Yeah well shit happens… definitely didn’t look like the pride wandy. Dana said he’s going to try and “chuck liddell him” into retirement. The dude is a legend but if he can’t beat Chris Leben who plays directly into his strengths then he’s likely done. He had a great career though, if this is the end. 15+ years of pro fighting and getting punched in the face will wear you down. Chin is gone. hopefully he realizes his best days are behind him. Sad to see him go out like that

Proseedz says:

At that time coming from nothing he had nothing to lose, he was full of self confidence so he was fighting as we used to know him. With the years these fighters ( just like Fedor ) start to live more comfortably and realize they are afraid to lose. So they lost the “craziness” that was their strength, their self confidence and start fading.

allroundp4p says:

he wouldn’t have lost his last fight i he had lost his “craziness”

soumuitomalandro says:

brasil representando

coldflame0 says:

1:42 no homo

Jefyniggs91MK3 says:

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