CrazyTalk Dog Singing – great day to whoop somebody’s ass

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A CTS for use in iClone4 and CrazyTalk.. The version seen here is My CrazyTalk edit and export… My understanding is the Original was written by Paul Thorn…this is how a Puppy Shar-Pei might be seen singing it, if he could actually sing. The audio was edited for voice…puppies just don’t have grown male voices.


debbstuff10 says:

I just can’t get enough of this song. Thanks for sharing William.

st8of10ec says:

This is the best video I’ve ever seen!

only1Roxannie says:

o that’s so cool, well done, and the song, i just found it today and it so fricken hilarious, omg rofl rofl

ravensdancing13 says:

If anyone can see this an not crack a smile, I would say there may be something wrong with them. How darned cute can ya get?

nursesrool says:

Too cute.

peachbrande59 says:

this is so cute, because you made it with the cute puppy. I have never heard this song, but it is cute.

Tiffofirechick says:

At first look, I thought it was one of the dumbest things. I was wrong! I watch this, sing along, and laugh until I cry!

peachbrande59 says:

I love the way you did this video, it by far the cutest one that has been done. I don’t know how you did it, but you chose the right dog and song. GREAT JOB did you do something to the voice to make it sound like a kid?

Prechrskd says:

I love that dog LOL

MsPoohbear37 says:

it makes my day

peachbrande59 says:

I love that little umhm, he puts in there! Too Cute!

Maryjude100 says:

This puppy knows how I feel

kragnasty456 says:

This would have been a great political tune.. Great Day to get off you A// and vote..
Love the video… Really cool work…

SuperJg113 says:

lolzz cute!!

kb290461 says:

Five star for sure very funny and cute.

kb290461 says:

I just can’t seem to send this to enough people, fantastic …..

TheGhostLover1 says:

LOL its so funny but good! Im singing along to it! XD

MrSkateboy1991 says:


MrSkateboy1991 says:


ravenstar100 says:

brilliant animation on the pups face! youre really talented, id have gone insane trying to do this.

Egroothand says:

Song by Paul Thorn. I wish if people are gonna rip off an artist they would give credit where it’s due

Panthar says:


Did you actually read my comments section on credit, or do you intentionally troll to flame others?

Credit is and was there when it was posted.

Panthar says:


…it’s been so long since I did it, but I believe it was for a person who provided the audio and wanted it for use in animation, so I created the voice sync file and they walked away a happy person. I thought the face of the puppy was appropriate, and besides that, it was a puppy!

jonibologna2012 says:

I absolutely love this. The dog is charming. I want a bluegrass album of this voice. Seriously.

jrbtenn123 says:

this video is GREAT!!!!

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