Bulldog jumping on trampoline (funny)

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watch this bulldog show us some moves and some balls on the trampoline leave comments


IndigoCat17 says:

aw i love bulldogs

bueh91 says:

that is so funny xD

rnlpeska says:

OMG, I can’t stop laughing….

bluejayahnalauren12 says:

that is awsome my grandmother owns 11 english bulldogs

Oldy87 says:

pause at 0:37.

murphy13295 says:

very cool! amazing to see the Bull Dog understands the way a trampoline works

endoftheline76 says:

omg look at that cock and balls ROLFS!!!

Zoe533 says:

omg that is sooo freaken funny

mangochic101 says:

That waz omg FUNNY!! X-D

mangochic101 says:

That waz omg FUNNY!! X-D

SlothsAreCooool says:

whoa. look at those balls…

emmahudson1 says:


ShainaAlexis95 says:


Soccerox1234 says:

That’s so freaking cute!!!!

missymagoo97 says:

o my gosh i love bulldogs

fudepoika95 says:


Zhangnitzu says:

wow. big penis

Deadmousee45 says:

@Zhangnitzu wtf!?

ruinerfixxxer says:

When that dog dies from lack of oxygen Im sure youll think thats funny too. The owners obviously have no idea how to handle english bulldogs. I wish the best for him and his short life

jibberjabber9 says:

Way cute!!!

CamiloSanchez1979 says:

How does he know is for jumping?

babytati99 says:

thats so cute but very bad for them all bulldogs have ashma thats why hes breathing like that.

skypers3 says:

@ruinerfixxxer Know whats funny? You sucking the bulldogs fat cock while you gasp for oxygen and hopefully die.

comali2212 says:

he sounds like a muscle car from the 70′s Lol

Yogibagg says:

So cool! And he looks good! Check out my one on Yogibagg!

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